YMCAs empower young people to define, build and deliver their own solutions to social issues. Ys in Africa encourage youth to play a community leadership role in health education, civic engagement, sports and recreation and the care and support of vulnerable populations.

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YMCAs in Europe are leaders in using recreation, camping and the arts to address social issues and help young people strengthen their confidence, leadership skills, health and appreciation for cross-cultural diversity.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

YMCAs in Latin America and the Caribbean consider the contributions of young people valuable to community development. Through innovative Y programs focused on civic engagement, service learning and leadership development, young people have opportunities to work on the issues that affect them including health, education, information technology access, employment and recreation.

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Education is a critical factor to end the cycle of poverty. Ys across Asia and around the world are focused on providing young people, especially underserved and at-risk populations, with educational opportunities for a more productive, stable future.

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Middle East

YMCAs offer innovative programs to strengthen youth and communities through job training and placement, women's rural economic development, service-learning and civic engagement, psycho-social counseling and work with people with disabilities. YMCAs also provide safe places where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and work toward mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

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