Healthy Family Home Newsletter
Volume 09, Issue 06 June 2015


Tips for Summer Trips

Tips, Tools, and Activities

Don’t leave healthy habits at home during your family vacations this summer. Prepare ahead of time to ensure your family can have fun, but also stay healthy during stretches of time away from home. Pack on-the-go snacks such as vegetables, whole-grain crackers, trail mix or raw or dry-roasted nuts. Fresh fruit including bananas, apples and pears, or even boxed raisins, are also convenient snacks. Toss veggie kabobs or Portobello burgers on the grill for a healthy and colorful alternative. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially on extremely hot days. For a flavorful, fresh twist, add strawberries and lemon or blueberries and lime to iced water.

Eat Healthy

Sleep Well

Visit a local farmers’ market this month! Farmers markets promote the local economy and can provide families with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Local produce is picked at its peak ripeness, yummy! Allow your children to ask questions, smell, feel and taste the produce – your local farmers will be more than willing to educate the family. Take home your family’s favorite fruit or vegetable, maybe even try something new and eat it fresh or prepare it in a recipe. Kids can help by cleaning, rinsing, trimming, mashing, etc. Let them witness the full circle of plant life. Ask them their favorite parts of their farmers’ market experience and what food would like to try next week.


Sleep Well


If you find yourself unable to fall asleep or you awaken in the middle of the night with something on your mind, try not to toss and turn as you watch the clock. Get out of bed and do something to divert your attention until you feel yourself getting drowsy again. Try reading a book, taking a warm bath or listening to soothing music to get your mind off whatever might be keeping you awake.



Q: I have a three-year-old. At what age is it appropriate to begin exercising?

A: Encouraging kids to be physically active is important at any age, and should be encouraged from as early on as possible. In fact, kids who are active at a young age tend to stay active later in life. They also have a lower risk of becoming obese or developing heart disease as adults. Toddlers and young children can get physical activity from playing outside, running, playing tag or other games that involve movement. Make sure your child gets plenty of time outdoors and limit screen time each day. Parents should join in on activity as well and act as role models. The more you're active, the more they'll be active as well.


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