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YMCA: Palm Beaches Metropolitan YMCA

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Job Description:


Child care Director is responsible for all children, activities and record keeping at the assigned center. Also responsible for making sure the site meets all YMCA and state licensing standards.


A BA/BS degree, preferably in related field and must meet all county licensing requirements for SMIC. A CDA certification is required. Must have CPR/First Aid certification and be at least 21 years of age or older. Previous child care experience required.

Must be able to manage large groups of children. Should have some knowledge of sports and children's programming. Must have strong communication, supervisory, and organizational skills and the ability to multi-task. General record keeping skills needed and must be capable of resolving conflict.

Must be able to stand for extended periods of time, be able to lift and carry 40 pounds, remain outdoors for extended periods of time, hear and see. The candidate must also be mentally alert and be able to process and follow directions.


  1. Planning of weekly program of activities that include implementation of YMCA curriculum.

  2. Direct supervision of all staff in center which includes daily guidance and written evaluations.

  3. Appropriate effective discipline and direct management of all children according to written policy.

  4. Assure activities are safe and fun for staff. Active facilitation of activities with children.

  5. Setting and carrying out weekly planning sessions with staff.

  6. Establish positive rapport with parents, staff, school faculty and school principal.

  7. Responsible for maintaining all school and YMCA equipment, supplies, and inventories.

  8. Responsible for maintaining all records and data on each child and each employee and keeping these current.

  9. Responsible for collection of fees, having input to and implementing site budget.

  10. Attend all staff meetings and training sessions, including state mandated courses.

  11. Maintain cleanliness of school and YMCA facilities.

  12. Responsible for keeping centers organized and useable.

  13. Know the YMCA Mission Statement and program philosophies.

  14. Responsible for effectively handling all emergency incidents that occur in YMCA program, using mature, sound judgment.

  15. Responsible for notifying supervisor in writing of replacement if unable to work, due to sickness, vacation, or personal time.

  16. Must turn in all forms in a timely manner as instructed by the Child Care office.

  17. Must check mail box at the school and at the Child Care Office at least twice weekly.

  18. Perform other duties as assigned by Child Care management.

  19. Must be active in the Annual Campaign coordination.

  20. Must actively participate in school-related committees.

  21. Publish monthly newsletter/communication with parents.

  22. Maintain YMCA standards for child care, as well as stat licensing and central agency requirements.

  23. Responsible for scheduling and staffing early release and holiday camps.

  24. Support YMCA policies and procedures.

  25. Promote and market all YMCA programs, encourage family participation.


Competent performance by the child Care Director will result in an organized, meaningful and safe program for all participants, according to the YMCA curriculum, goals, and philosophies. Sites will be properly staffed and given specific responsibilities.

Salary: $ - $

Additional Compensation Details:

Salary To Be Determined Basedupon Experience


Health Benefits

Personal Time Off


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Resumes until: 12/31/2014

Contact: Jacqueline Frost
2085 S Congress Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33406-7601

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