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Camp Name: YMCA Camp Seymour

Camp Location: Tacoma, WA

Camp Description: In the summer of 1903 WW Seymour graciously allowed a group of youth from the Tacoma YMCA to camp on his farm property on Balch's Cove (now known as Glen Cove). The relationship between the Tacoma YMCA and W.W. Seymour flourished throughout the years. He was later convinced in 1918 by Claude E. “Pops” to deed 125 acres to the Tacoma YMCA for the sole purpose of boys’ summer camping, and the following year, an additional 25 acres was added to the deed. Improvements during Pops tenure included a freshwater well, program that grew away from militaristic methods toward freedoms and choices for boys, and the number of buildings grew to total 18. The Tacoma YMCA officially named the property "Camp Seymour" in 1926, to recognize W.W. Seymour for his generous gift. In 1929 WW Seymour passed on, "but not before his part in the dream had become a reality; the camp was emerging as one of the finest on the West Coast." (from Tacoma Review, 7/25/73) In 2005, YMCA Camp Seymour celebrated its 100th anniversary with events for the community, friends, family and alumni. YMCA Camp Seymour is one of only five YMCA camps in the nation to celebrate 100 years of camping on its original property. For the past 105 years, YMCA Camp Seymour has provided generations of Tacoma-area youth and families outdoor residential camping experiences at its 106-acre site on the Key Peninsula. The present Camp Seymour dining hall – originally built in 1922 – is insufficient in size to accommodate both current and planned camp capacities. Over the past fifteen years, camper and guest bed capacity has grown from 200 to 280 with plans to bring this number to 350 over the next ten years. The number of participants attending camp has grown from 5,500 in 1995 to 13,000 in 2012.

Sponsoring YMCA: YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

YMCA Location: Tacoma, WA

Job Description and Required Certifications: POSITION DESCRIPTION The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties is currently seeking an accomplished, seasoned professional to serve as the Executive Director of the YMCA Camp Seymour. The Executive Director will be responsible for the general administration of the branch, including fiscal management, financial development, program administration, community development and collaborations; operates branch in accordance with policies, procedures and standards established by the YMCA Board of Directors and the President/CEO. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Fiscal Management and Control • Develop an annual budget that reflects program goals and needs, and meets the timelines and criteria for a balanced budget. Review and monitor monthly revenue and expenses and prepare forecasts for year-end. • Maintain and be thoroughly conversant with the systems of financial control, including revenues, expenses, and inventories. • Operate, at all times, within the directives and policies approved for the Association. • Responsible for a balanced operation, annual budget development, monthly budget monitoring, and forecasts. • Meets revenue goals, monitor expenses. • Maintains and is thoroughly conversant with systems of financial control, including revenues, expenses, and inventories. • Operates the branch at all times within the practices and policies approved for the Association. Financial Development • Ensure sufficient revenue to provide program services consistent with established goals. • Assume a key leadership role in the annual Strong Kids campaign. Serve as staff officer to a campaign section. • Assist the Director of Financial Development with leadership to project funding, benefit events, and deferred giving efforts, as required, to meet the financial development objectives of the Association. • Meets annual fundraising goals. Program Development • Responsible for overall program growth and evaluation, special program initiatives and innovative program efforts. • Directs the operation of the branch on a year-round basis. • Conduct regularly scheduled staff meetings to provide information, feedback and encouragement, and to accomplish maximum attainment of goals and objectives. Human Resource Management • Supervises, trains, and appraises branch program directors. Assists all staff to identify and meet professional development needs. • Fills staff vacancies in accordance with established association practices. Conducts performance evaluations and prepares salary recommendations including annual merit increases. • Responsible for professional staff meetings and for one-on-one conferences on a regular basis with all staff supervised, using performance standards and measurements to ensure attainment of branch goals and objectives. • Following established guidelines, recruit, hire, train, supervise and evaluate staff and volunteers to assist in meeting the goals of the Association child care program. • Determine and submit salary recommendations, including annual merit increases, to Human Resources for approval. • Conduct one-on-one conferences on a regular basis with all staff supervised. Assist staff with identifying and meeting developmental needs and use performance standards and procedures to document and recognize their efforts. • Provide opportunities for continual training and development to enhance the quality of staff and volunteers. • Maintain high staff morale and low staff turnover. Board and Lay Development • Serve as staff officer to the branch Advisory Council. • Work with the council chair in branch planning, council operation and development, and agenda building. • Responsible for the development and operation of all council committees. Serve as staff officer (or delegate responsibility to other staff members) to all council committees. • Consult and advise in the selection of council members, committee chairpersons, and committee members. • Provide major leadership to lay development, giving particular emphasis to lay/staff teamwork. Branch Administration • Ensure the implementation of by-laws, policies, goals and priorities, standards and procedures developed by the Board of Directors and the YMCA Leadership team. • Direct the public relations, including communication through membership newsletters, news releases, and marketing efforts as defined by the branch and Association marketing plans. • Represents the YMCA through membership in selected community organizations and through attendance at key YMCA and community events. • Meet all reporting deadlines. • Monitor all operating systems for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Planning • Provide principal leadership in directing the involvement of lay and staff leaders in the development and execution of the strategic plan consistent with Association priorities and principles. • Monitor progress toward the achievement of relevant goals, objectives, and action steps

Salary Information: $70,000+ annually, depending on qualifications. ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION DETAILS In addition to a competitive salary, the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties provides a comprehensive benefits package including a 12% employer-funded retirement plan with vesting after two years of services; 403 (b) savings plan; high quality and affordable healthcare; complimentary use of YMCA facilities for employee, spouse and qualified dependents; generous paid time off package and the ability to work with cr

Room and Board Provided: No

How to Apply: Please visit our website at www.ymcapkc.org/jobs

Apply Online: http://www.ymcapkc.org/jobs

Apply By Phone:

Contact: Ganetta M Booker
4717 S 19th St Ste 201
Tacoma, WA 98405-

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